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Do You Know This Important Information About Colon Disease?

November 30, 2009, Posted by at 5:15 am

The colon is a very important organ that performs a very vital function in the human body. The colon is responsible for eliminating a large bulk of wastes formed from the digestive process, and is sort of the sewerage system in a person. It is thus important to maintain the health of the colon because [...]

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Crohn’s Disease Information

November 29, 2009, Posted by at 9:16 pm

There are numerous theories to the cause of Crohn’s disease which have not been proven. The most popular reasoning is that the body’s immune system tends to react abnormally in those with Crohn’s disease. They tend to mistake bacteria, food and other substances to be foreign particles which lead to the immune system attacking these [...]

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Crohn’s Disease Causes Symptoms Information With Treatment

November 28, 2009, Posted by at 11:15 am

Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory disease of the intestines. Both inflame the lining of your digestive tract, and both can cause dirk Bouts of watery or bloody diarrhea and abdominal pain. Crohn’s disease affects the deepest layers of the lining of the digestive tract, causing deep sores called ulcers. Ulcerative colitis, on the other [...]

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Parkinsons Disease Causes Symptoms Information With Treatment

November 28, 2009, Posted by at 10:14 am

Parkinson’s is found all over the world. Exact global figures are not always available, though it is estimated that four million people worldwide have the condition. Parkinson’s disease belongs to a group of conditions called movement disorders. Parkinson’s disease afflicts 1 to 1 1/2 million people in the United States. The disorder occurs in all [...]

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Alzheimer’s Disease – Information on Alzheimer’s Disease

November 27, 2009, Posted by at 5:14 pm

The disease can begin many years before it is eventually diagnosed. In its early stages, short-term memory loss is the most common symptom, often initially thought to be caused by aging or stress by the sufferer. Later symptoms include confusion, anger, mood swings, language breakdown, long-term memory loss, and the general withdrawal of the sufferer [...]

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Complete Information on Alexander Disease With Treatment and Prevention

November 27, 2009, Posted by at 9:14 am

Alexander disease is a set of genetic conditions called the leukodystrophies that affect development of the myelin sheath, the fatty covering, which acts as an insulator-on nerve fibers in the brain. Alexander disease is considered an autosomal dominant disorder, which means one copy of the altered gene in each cell is sufficient to cause the [...]

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Complete Information on Alzheimer Disease With Treatment and Prevention

November 27, 2009, Posted by at 8:17 am

Alzheimer disease is the one of the most average cause of dementia. For Alzheimer disease there is currently no cure. The cause and improvement of Alzheimer’s disease is not well understood, but is associated with plaques and tangles in the brain. AD is a brain disorder named for German physician Alois alzheimer. In its most [...]

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Complete Information on Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease With Treatment and Prevention

November 27, 2009, Posted by at 7:14 am

Autoimmune inner ear disease (AIED) is an incendiary circumstance of the inner ear. The reason of AIED is mostly assumed to be related to either antibodies or exempt cells that induce harm to the inner ear. There is evidence that genetically controlled aspects of the immune system may increase or otherwise be associated with increased [...]

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Autoimmune Diseases – Information on Autoimmune Diseases

November 27, 2009, Posted by at 6:13 am

Most autoimmune diseases occur in women, and most often during their childbearing years. Some of these diseases also affect African American, American Indian, and Latina women more than white women. These diseases tend to run in families, so your genes, along with the way your immune system responds to certain triggers or things in the [...]

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Coeliac Disease- Information on Coeliac Disease

November 27, 2009, Posted by at 4:14 am

Coeliac disease, also known as celiac disease, is a common bowel condition that is caused by intolerance to a protein called gluten. Gluten is found in wheat, rye, and barley, which are often used to make foods such as bread, pasta, and biscuits. Some symptoms may be confused with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or wheat [...]

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