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Health Tips for Old Age: Get a Long and Healthy Life

November 29, 2009, Posted by at 3:32 pm

Everyone wants to be healthy and vigorous throughout their life. But more so being healthy in old age is just like a boon. Since, old age brings with itself many health problems and if you are not taking complete care of yourself then these diseases becomes hard to cure and manage in old age. Here [...]

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Fitness Treadmill: Your Way to a Toned & Healthy Body

November 29, 2009, Posted by at 4:16 am

Whether you want to lose weight or, just increase the level of your stamina, just hit the fitness treadmill for a few days and see the results for yourself. Well yes, fitness treadmill is today indeed a household name not just in India but the world over. Be it a manual treadmill, a magnetic one, [...]

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Is Healthy Eating Possible on a Budget?

November 29, 2009, Posted by at 12:16 am

I have heard many times over the years when discussing with people about changing their eating habits, that it is impossible to be healthy on a tight budget. This is a misconception. Convenience foods are generally not healthy and more expensive for what they are. Here are 20 tips that might help you save money, [...]

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Kid Characteristics That Make Us Healthy Later in Life

November 27, 2009, Posted by at 6:16 pm

It has long been accepted that children with a happy childhood grow up to be happier adults, but now a new study has revealed that specific characteristics evident in childhood are likely to cause positive or negative emotions and influence biological and behavioral responses to stress.

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Healthy Diet for Acne Treatment

November 27, 2009, Posted by at 8:13 am

Acne also known about Pimples, and Zits. Acne is a common skin disease that causes pimples. Acne is worldwide problem. Acne occurs when the natural oils that the skin produces clogs the pores of the skin. Acne is not just a problem for teenagers, it can affect people from ages 10 through 40. Pimples [...]

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What is a Healthy Prostate?

November 26, 2009, Posted by at 6:24 am

In a perfect world we’d all be entirely informed about how our bodies function?unfortunately many people are uninformed or misinformed when it comes to health. Many are aware that lifestyle choices can affect your health. Smoking, drinking, late nights, an extra fatty diet, too much sugar or salt, overexposure to the sun, and too much [...]

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A Comparison of the Thermal and Pressure Pain Thresholds of Arab and Western European Healthy Male Subjects

November 26, 2009, Posted by at 5:18 am

Background and objective:
Pain is a universal, personal and subjective experience. Many factors are involved in the interpretation of this unpleasant sensation, including past experience, ethnicity and culture. Understanding these factors plays an important role in a comprehensive and multidimensional approach to the assessment and management of acute and chronic pain. The aim of this [...]

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Nutritious Diet – Fitness – Body Building – Discover the Healthy Lifestyle

November 26, 2009, Posted by at 3:17 am

Creating that healthy lifestyle that you always wanted does not need to be a nightmare. Making some easy changes in the way you think and the way you look at your life, you can achieve a healthy lifestyle. The following are some great starting points to get you on your path to reach your goal.

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How To Keep Fit and Healthy At All Times

November 25, 2009, Posted by at 9:20 pm

Modern life demands that all individuals should stay fit in order to keep up with the wild pace. Fitness refers to a person’s capacity to adapt favorably and take stress brought about by changing conditions. In this kind of situation, if you’re physically fit, then your mind or body will not be disturbed in any [...]

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Healthy Lifestyle in Hydration Moderation

November 25, 2009, Posted by at 12:18 pm

Actually the key to having a healthy lifestyle is to remember to have all things in moderation – including exercise. While too many sweets are definitely a bad thing, not having any is an extreme that few people want to experience. Artificial sweeteners can help you cut out some sugar, but don’t rely on them [...]

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