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Bridging the Age Gap: Baby Boomers and Younger Sexual Partners

November 26, 2009, Posted by at 5:20 am

As middle and old age creep up on us, the sexual habits that formed a good part of our early life suddenly present a problem, especially for people who have been bereaved and lost a partner who shared a sexual routine over many years.

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Becoming Comfortable With Your Sexuality

November 25, 2009, Posted by at 8:20 pm

Female sexuality includes a broad range of behaviors and processes; these include sexual identity and sexual behavior, physiological, social, cultural, political, spiritual, and aspects of sex. The various aspects of female sexuality have been addressed by ethics, morality, and theology. In almost every historical era and culture a good portion of it is society’s views [...]

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Overcome Conversation Hurdles With Sexual Issues

November 25, 2009, Posted by at 7:22 pm

In spite of your chagrin, your teenage son or daughter may already be sexually-conscious or even active, and as such talking to them about such a personal issue can be an awkward experience for the both of you. There are a lot of things, which can go wrong during ‘the talk’.

You may have too [...]

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Testicular Problems and Sexual Activity

November 25, 2009, Posted by at 6:24 pm

The frequency of sexual activity and performance changes as men reach the latter stages of their life. This happens because the production of testosterone lessens as people get older. Testosterone is a hormone that is required for sperm production and the development of the male reproductive system. More than just a substance that stimulates sexual [...]

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Teen Sex – Methods Which Keep You and Your Secret Safe if “secretly” Having Sexual Intercourse

November 25, 2009, Posted by at 5:22 pm

Am I the ideal age to have sexual intercourse? In all honesty I am not sure and neither are a great many others. Each individual differs in mind and body, and because of this it results in everyone having a difference of an opinion on how they personally see themselves and to how they think. [...]

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The Facts of Sexual Assault

November 25, 2009, Posted by at 4:22 pm
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Early Condom Use Bodes Well for Adolescents’ Sexual Health

November 25, 2009, Posted by at 3:21 pm

Despite fears that early condom use encourages adolescents to be sexually promiscuous, a study found that those who use condoms the first time they have sexual intercourse are more likely to continue using condoms into young adulthood. These adolescents are also less likely than their peers to have contracted a sexually transmitted infection.
The study was [...]

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Sexual Intercourse Tips on Losing Your Virginity – Less Pressure More Pleasure

November 25, 2009, Posted by at 12:20 pm

So you want to find out what “losing your virginity “means. Well before going any further, if you don`t know already then maybe you`re not ready for losing yours. Losing your virginity is not a matter to be taken lightly. It is a major decision to have you`re hymen broken through sexual intercourse. Don`t know [...]

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Improving Sexual Performance Naturally

November 25, 2009, Posted by at 11:22 am

Nowadays, sex seems to be everywhere except where it counts, in the bedrooms and love lives of married Americans. We see it on TV, in magazines, in the books we read, in the movies we watch, and even in the music we listen to. Estimates of 15 to 20 percent of the 113 [...]

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Hot Favorite Sex Positions – 9 Super Ways for Achieving Sexual Satisfaction

November 25, 2009, Posted by at 10:20 am

If sexual intercourse is to be an experience of one to be enjoyed and pleasing, then perhaps a few things may need changing, that is, if you’re not happy with coupling at the moment. Having sex is about loving and satisfying both genders. One reason that comes to light in relation to bedroom antics not [...]

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