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The Fight Against Coronary Heart Disease

Posted by December 1, 2009, under Diseases | No Comments

Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death among all the major diseases. In the United States 36 percent of the people who die do so because of some form of heart or cardiovascular disease. This number is simply staggering and points to the importance of controlling and preventing the suffering that heart disease [...]

What the Acne is and Its Causes

Posted by December 1, 2009, under Acne | 1 Comment

Acne is found quite often in pubescent individuals. Because of a high genetic disposition to the condition, acne is particularly common in Western societies. It is believed that the presence of acne is due to an abnormal response to normal levels in the body of testosterone, the male hormone. For many individuals, this response tends [...]

Tips to Successfully Market a Fitness Business

Posted by December 1, 2009, under Fitness-Lifestyle | No Comments

Online marketing is the wave of the future. With millions of individuals constantly tapping into the Internet, it is no wonder fitness professionals are looking for more and more ways to develop an online presence. To market a fitness business properly, you must understand a few details about the Internet itself. Every mistake made will [...]

Equality at UAB under fire

Posted by December 1, 2009, under Gay Health | No Comments

Alabama state representative DuWayne Bridges has now pre-filed a bill that would prevent a public college or university from offering domestic partner benefits.

An Introduction to What is Depression

Posted by December 1, 2009, under Ethnic Health | No Comments

This book is for the ‘Average Joe’ in this country who likes information given in an understandable way. You want it kept simple and you don’t need to read about all the technical stuff behind the subject. Depression happens to the average Joe all the time and most of us who have it don’t get [...]

Mouth Odour, an Embarrassing Ailment

Posted by December 1, 2009, under Embarrassments | No Comments

I have made so many research on MOUTH ODOUR and at the latter end i discovered that MOUTH ODOUR could also be described as a killer disease which is just a bit different from HIV/AIDS and other killer diseases. Some times you will discover that after brushing your teeth, few minutes or an hour, your [...]

Seniors Live Independently

Posted by December 1, 2009, under Senior health | No Comments

COLUMBIA, Mo. – After back-to-back hospital visits for congestive heart failure, Eva Olweean figured her health was back to normal. But the nurses at her retirement home knew better: Motion sensors in the 86-year-old?s bed detected too many restless nights.
Tiny sensors hover unobtrusively over the toilet, shower and doorways to detect Olweean?s movements inside her [...]

The Best Way to Sell Fitness Training Services

Posted by November 30, 2009, under Fitness-Lifestyle | No Comments

Despite the fact that it is a crucial part of running of successful business, many fitness professionals fail to build a customer database. Tracking current and prospective clients is a vital source of future business for your fitness training services. It can also provide specific details about a particular client, such as preferred exercises or [...]

Is Aids a Homosexual Disease?

Posted by November 30, 2009, under Gay Health | 1 Comment

Autism – Know Your Legal Rights

Posted by November 30, 2009, under Ethnic Health | No Comments

If you or your child has autism, some of the most basic things you can study and learn are your rights. Every American citizen is protected under the constitution, and there are special laws that have been passed to help protect people with autism and other disabilities. By knowing the laws that protect you or [...]

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